'Interstellar Overdrive'

Eagle SS XR4 based

By Neville Burbage



I am the owner & builder of the first and only Sierra 4x4 based SS chassis Rob Budd supplied, body No EF 1286.


I built the car about 13 or so years ago with the blessing of Rob Budd. As a professional motor engineer, Rob was eager for me to keep him informed on a step to step bases. Because when Rob knew what & how far I was willing to go with an SS, it is based on an XR4i with all the extras & goodies I could though or fit in it (the interior alone is like an air plane cockpit).
He admitted to me that they had near future plans for a sierra based kit but had not yet advertised it. So he supplied me with one that they had modified from a Cortina chassis.


Rob had said that they had took a cortina based SS & put a sierra rear axle & carrier on it, & from that tried to work out wear to put the sierra rear axle mounts/suspension points on a bear chassis. Unfortunately I had to admit to Rob nothing fitted on the one he supplied to me.


On the finished vehicle, about everything except the basic body shape had been altered (the build took just over 3 years) & even that been severely played with.
Then it did the full show circuit with Rob & Senga, (Stoneleigh, Newark,Doncaster in the main gallery etc...).


Then due to the fact that I am self employed, other work commitments took over & the car was put in to store short term.....yer right ! (Star Field Fireworks, see You tube)


Well about 18 months ago that particular store roof collapsed (front end only. it is a long narrow building). Luckily the car was not damaged at all, but it had to come out quickly. We hope to repair the roof this summer as we didn't have one last year. Since the roof collapse the vehicle has had to sit out side, any room in our other stores is taken up by rarer or more valuable vehicles.
As you can under stand we need to do something with it has sitting out side is not doing it any good.  


So I would like to discuss a problem I have with the vehicle, nothing to do with the physical part I may add, but more to do with the paper side!


We know all about the SVA as we have built & modified other kits. but those were for other people.


As one in particular had to be completed on a dead line, the SS was out of site out of mind when the SVA came into force & therefore never SVA'd.


As you know the SS will never pass an SVA, as it stands, so our only alternative is to scrap this car.....but we don't want to. We do know of a very simple solution to this problem, but we need some help.


My phone No is 01427 728403 I look forward to hearing from you & have included a couple of photo's.
PS, I still have some original paper work & doc's.