The following is a run down of the SS headlight lifter mechanism I have in MY SS, this may not be the same as yours but if you don't have one at all then it will enable you to cobble something together.

Britax SWF Motor as in mine- and links to stockists

(Britax 2068.200 / SWF 402.610 Wiper Motor 12V) as fitted to LAND ROVER (


Cut off spindle and discard,

Fit M8 bolt and nuts for mounting in spindle hole

Weld U clamp onto end of spindle arm.

The pin out is top left fast, bottom right slow and the other two to the motor. Earth is by the motor body, so that end screw does a good job.


As you will see the method is the cut of the wiper spindle and replace it with the 'U' clamp and replace the spindle with a mounting bolt. simple.
This unit would also be good for the pentagram wiper system too. as it has many adjustments on the cam.
In place with new bar and bearings

headligh lifter 2.jpglft motor bracket.jpg

Headlight pod mounting; these are rough made and as long as they do the job measurements are not vitally important. They are however handed, so the U clamp goes inboard of the bracket towards the boot.,


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